Although the focus of the New Sound Assembly membership is performing in the chorus, the roots of barbershop singing are in quartet singing and it is very common for a chorus to have one or more quartets within it. Some members, after getting comfortable performing in the chorus, decide that they would also like to be active in a quartet. Membership in a quartet opens up a whole new area in which to perform, compete, and have fun.

Quartets are comprised of the same four parts (lead, tenor, baritone, and bass) that are represented in the chorus but with a single individual singing each part. The Lead sings the melody (in the second voice) while the Tenor harmonizes above the lead, the Bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes, and the Baritone provides the in-between notes. The goal is to form consonant pleasing chords.

Aspiring quartet members often have the opportunity to form pick-up quartets during 'break' at our Thursday night chorus rehearsals and perform for fellow members. It's also common to hear quartets singing immediately before and after Thursday night rehearsals. Quartet singing is an important part of barbershopping and a singing component that every chapter wants to keep active amongst its membership.

The quartets below are currently active within the New Sound Assembly chorus and can be hired to perform independent of the chorus. Contact information is included below.

Beantown Bound is an award winning quartet made up of members of the New Sound Assembly Chorus.  Ralph Kerr sings lead, Corbit Larson, bass; Jerry Little baritone; and Skip Riel, tenor.

For booking information contact Corbit Larson, 508-380-9901

Express Lane sings songs old and new in the traditional barbershop style.  They formed as a new quartet in 2015, but their smoothly blended sound represents a total of more than 50 years of singing barbershop harmony.  Rob Freundlich (Lead) and Doug Burum (Baritone) previously sang together in the Northeastern District medalist quartet, "Concord Express".  Jim Kenealy (Bass) has sung in several area quartets, including "Sentimental Gentlemen", and Skip Riel (Tenor) divides his time singing both in this quartet as well as the quartet, Beantown Bound.  Together, Express Lane has a sound and style that is "expressly" their own.  They would love to perform at you next special event!

Contact Information: Rob Freundlich, 617-232-4096

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