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It is essential to the success and advancement of our chapter and the Barbershop Harmony Society that The New Sound Assembly Chorus make an acceptable presentation in all of its performances. To help achieve this objective the chorus has established standards relating to sufficient preparation and rehearsal in order to present a polished performance. The following link displays our current Chorus Policy and Membership Agreement.

Membership Agreement (click here for Word Document) (click here for an Acrobat File)
The Natick Barbershop Chorus is affiliated with the Barbershop Harmony Society (the Society), and as such specializes in the performance of four-part, a capella barbershop style music. The major singing activity is in the chorus setting, although members may (and are encouraged to) form individual quartets to give them additional quartet singing opportunities.

Our chapter chorus, The New Sound Assembly, will represent the Society in public performances and may participate with other chapter choruses in competition.  It is essential to the success and advancement of our chapter and the Society, that The New Sound Assembly make an acceptable presentation in all of these performances.  To help achieve these ends the chorus has established goals relating to sufficient preparation and advance rehearsal to present a polished performance.  Quartets that are representing the chorus in public performances, including (not limited to) Valentine's Day quartets, also are expected to hold themselves to the same high standards.

Acceptance as a member of the Society and the chapter does not mean that the member will automatically or immediately sing with the chorus at public performances.   Participation publicly with the chorus may be subject to the approval of the chorus director and the music team.  To participate, reaching the following individual goals are encouraged:

Each member should within a reasonable period be able to: 

* Follow the director
* Memorize the chorus music
* Demonstrate proficiency in notes and lyrics
* Memorize and accomplish stage presence motions
* Attend rehearsals and 
* Accept the responsibility of singing with the chorus at its public appearances.  

When requested, a proficiency in notes and lyrics may be demonstrated through the use of a voice recorder while singing with the chorus or in a double quartet.  The chorus director shall have discretion on an individual basis to discuss with a member his progress in being able to perform publicly.

Attendance at chapter meetings is a key element in developing performance proficiency as well as fully participating in the fellowship and camaraderie of the chapter. We understand that business and/or personal travel and other obligations may sometimes impact attendance, but expect that members will make every effort to participate as fully as possible to gain the fullest possible enjoyment of this wonderful hobby.

It is expected that members will participate in performances, unless a hardship exists that prevents attendance and such planned absence is communicated to the director or chorus manager.   The chorus director periodically may discuss with individual members their progress in achieving the Chorus' goals.  If a chorus member feels that he is insufficiently prepared to participate in any performance, he may elect to not participate and notify any of the following, director, assistant director, president or music vice president.

The Chapter will provide chorus performance attire as appropriate for which there is a minimal deposit required. Members are responsible for keeping all uniform items clean and pressed.  

All members of the Chorus will furnish as part of their own performance uniform:

* Dress black plain front (no pleats) non cuffed slacks
* Black Belt
* Black Socks
* Black plain toe Oxford dress shoe (well shined)
* White dress shirt (non button down collar) with white crewneck undershirt (no text/pictures)
* Polo Shirt with NSA embroidered (Red, Blue, Green or Yellow) to be ordered through the uniform chairman.

Members will also be required to pay for their own travel expenses, lodging and meals as required for all performances.  The Chapter may help to offset these expenses if funding is available at the time.

All members are encouraged to perform some job in the chorus structure, either an elected role, or an assigned role such as hospitality, music library, etc.

The Natick Chapter will provide members with the following:

* Sheet music and learning media for chorus repertoire songs
* Structured rehearsals designed to improve the chorus performance
* Coaching, as needed to improve vocal production and other aspects of performance
* Opportunities to perform in a barbershop quartet during rehearsals and at performances

The Natick Chapter welcomes men who enjoy singing a song well in the barbershop style.  We sincerely hope you will be one of them.

New Sound Assembly
Chorus Policy and Membership Agreement
Natick Chapter, Barbershop Harmony Society (B.H.S.)

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